New MyProperty Home Loans rewards program

We are excited to announce the new MyProperty Home Loans rewards program

Estate agencies that use the platform can enjoy reward points and monthly Entegral account discounts depending on the number of bonds applications registered over a running 12 month period.

Points are rewarded per R1 million approved bond amount and allocated at registration time to your account. These can be credited back to your Entegral account or cashed out. You can also easily qualify for between 5% and 20% ongoing discount on your Entegral account, resulting in big savings.

While the rewards are great, clients also receive an integrated home loan module on their Flex websites at no additional fee: this allows buyers to prequalify or apply for a new home without having to leave your website. Processing is done from our central hub, and buyers receive branded prequalification certificates. 

For more details on the home loans platform visit this page, our email us on

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