OMS improved contacts editing

We’ve improved the contacts screen with improved screen layout and new functionality.

Here is the new layout: 4234244_56f8_625x625[1]

1) contact details: all the key contact details of person including ‘active’ checkbox to enable/disable a contact from the contacts module view

2) personal details: more personal details from the contact that you won’t use on a regular basis. You can view it by pressing the expand icon (7)

3) categories & sharing: select which categories this contact belongs to. We’ve made it a bit easier to understand, by moving the ‘is shared with office’ checkbox here. Once you click the checkbox the office categories will appear.


4) notes: you can now capture multiple notes per contact. You can also add a date, which is great if you want to do some sort of activity tracking on a contact.

5) linked properties: you can now see the properties linked to this contact. Especially usefull if you open seller details from the contacts module, as a link to the property will be displayed here. You can then click on the link to open the listing too.

6) linked referrals: (only applies to enterprise clients) you can view the referrals linked to this contact, and from this link, open the actual referral. All contacts for new referrals you send and referrals you’ve accepted will be displayed here.  (Functionality to send a contact as referral to more than one office is being developed, which will be useful on this screen, since you will be able to see where a particular contact was referred to).

7) expand/minimize icons

8) you can now click on an email or web icon (if entered) to open up a website or new email to the client.

Note: an update on the contacts capturing on properties will soon be available.

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