OMS login and search updates

x2 Small updates have been done:


On the login screen your public IP address is now displayed to assist with any support queries:


The system will also now log this IP address in your Audit Trail (available under reports) for all users as indicated below:



Small performance and interface tweaks have been made for the OMS universal search. It now provides better visual feedback when a search is performed while search times have also been slightly improved:

 image  image

The OMS search is universal, so you can search property reference numbers, street names, complex names as well as contact info like first name, last name, email address and telephone numbers. The results are fetched from the database and displayed to you very quickly and is sorted in the most recent listings or contacts first.

The search also allows for partial searches, so you can enter the first 3 letters of your query and hit search. E.g. if you have listings in a complex called ‘boatlake village’, simply enter ‘boat’ and hit search.

Or you have a contact with last name ‘van der linde’, just enter ‘linde’ and hit search.


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