New: open faxes directly from your email notification including phone

The OMS fax notification message has been enhanced with a link that allows you to open the fax received (personal or office) from your email:


We’ve also tested it on popular smartphones and you can open faxes directly from your phone when you click on the link. Here we’ve opened a 25-page contract:


More about fax management in the OMS

The OMS provides fax management in the cloud. It provides your office and all your agents with free unique fax numbers that are linked to your office document or personal document library. Faxes received are imported in a fax folder. From here you can drag-and-drop to other folders or rename:


When a fax is received it automatically imports into the OMS dashboard inbox view too:


The OMS fax-to-document library is included at no additional cost with all OMS packages.

To get your fax number simply login to the OMS, click on the personal or office document library and instantly get a fax number at the click of a button.

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