OMS upgrades including new online marketing view


1. New flat user interface

Tweaks were done to create a more consistent and cleaner user interface throughout the system:



2. Improved online marketing page with status and links to external portals

You can now view the status of your property listing on external portals presented by different icons as illustrated below. Should there be an error (e.g. the Private Property icon below) you can hover your mouse over the icon to get an icon description.

Reference numbers with links are also included next to the portals to quickly locate the listing. Where you see a ‘denied’ sign your listing does not appear on that website (where in most cases you don’t have a contract with them).


When you load a new listing and shortly after you’ve listed it, it will show a pending orange icon as illustrated below until the system picks up that it is listed:




3. Quicker area and agent selection

You can now type in an area/agent in a dropdown box to locate the entry faster:



4. New agenda view on Calendar

A new agenda view is now the default view when you open up the OMS dashboard. It will show appointments for your personal, office and group calendar for the next 4 weeks (28 days). It present a cleaner and more user friendly view of your future appointments.


In the month view we now also highlight the current date in light yellow:



5. Various other smaller user interface tweaks have been made to allow for easier data entry, navigation and viewing. For example the table/grid view of properties now include vertical lines for easer reading:


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