Our best local marketing tips for real estate agents

To help you maximize your local visibility, we’ll be looking at some local marketing tips. Some are highly specific while others serve as more of a generalized guide, but if you’re trying to reach new customers in your area, grab a coffee and read on.

Create locally focused content

We all know that Content is Good, but it’s amazing how few locally focused real estate agencies don’t bother with content as a marketing strategy. It’s understandable but for those who put in the extra work, it could really pay off.

Creating locally focused content is an excellent way to both increase your visibility to prospective customers and establish your agency as a trusted voice in the community. When it comes to deciding upon which types of content you should produce, think about it from the perspective of your clients. What are their most common questions? Are there opportunities for seasonal content?

Take advantage of AdWords’ geo-targeting options

One of the most powerful tools at marketers’ disposal when it comes to local search is geotargeting.

While eCommerce businesses likely aren’t too concerned about where their customers are located, the same cannot be said for local real estate agents with a predominantly local focus. Fortunately, AdWords makes it easy to maximize visibility in specific areas through its geo-targeting options.

Geotargeting isn’t just useful for businesses operating out of a physical store or location. It’s also ideal for individuals and companies that operate across wider regions, such as real estate agents who serve customers in several areas or provinces, for example.

Take advantage of our Adwords knowledge and allow us to ensure you get the best bang for your buck. Find out here: Target buyers & sellers when they search for property in your area

Include directions and business hours on your website

This one may seem like a no-brainer, but it never ceases to amaze how hard many businesses make it to find their address on their website.

Obviously, it’s crucial that you optimize your site for mobile with a responsive website, like our Flex responsive website solution. It’s just as important, however, to remember that unless you make your business as easy to find as possible, you’re missing out on untold opportunities to attract new customers.

Promote positive customer reviews

Alongside word-of-mouth recommendations, social proof is among the most persuasive elements you can leverage when promoting your business.

If your customers love you, why not make the most of your business’ fans by promoting positive customer reviews on your social channels?

If a customer leaves you a message about how much they loved working with you, engage with them and gain more exposure by promoting this feedback. You don’t necessarily need to use positive customer feedback as the basis for ad creative, either – it’s just as viable to incorporate customer reviews into your organic social content.

Ensure your Google My Business Listing is current

Google My Business – formerly known as Google Places – allows companies to claim business listings that can appear in Google search results. You know when you Google a company and a summary of the company is displayed in the Knowledge Graph? That information is drawn directly from a company’s Google My Business listing. You’ll also need a Google My Business listing if you want to use Location extensions as mentioned above.

Claiming and maintaining your Google My Business listing is absolutely critical for marketers focused on local search. Not only does this make your real estate agency easier to find (even for searchers who don’t click on your ads), it also allows you to create detailed Google Maps listings. This, in turn, offers searchers much more information about your company when searching for real estate agents in a specific area.

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