Tools to help you streamline your real estate business

Over the years our developers and designers have created amazing tools and products to help busy real estate agents streamline the way they do business. We take a look at some of our key products that will change your business.

Most real estate agents will tell you that they need a few more hours in a day to get to everything they need to do, with these products you might just find yourself with an extra hour or two to drink a cup of coffee.

Office Management System

First things first - any successful real estate agency needs an office management system that will assist them with their day-to-day admin work.

Our Office Management System (OMS) is the powerful tool that you have been looking for. Backed by countless hours of development the OMS lets you list your properties once and publishes them on all the leading portals, including your own Entegral website, print automated brochures, manage your contacts and referrals, draw property reports, send out SMS’s to your briefcase and so much more.

In recent days, security has come to the fore yet again and with our cloud infrastructure, you are not only getting better uptime, you are also assured that your data is safe. 

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Responsive real estate websites

As tech evolves, so does the way people interact with the web - any business still stuck with a static website will suffer. Real estate websites are no different.

Our Flex responsive website product is a highly optimised responsive website that works on any device. The website itself is packed with cutting-edge features it is also cost-effective and roll-out is a breeze! We recently completed a website for Kainos Properties in record-breaking four days!

We offer themed solutions for individual agents, offices and national groups.

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The last thing you want is to miss emails because your inbox is full. With our industry best solution you can have up to 25GB mailboxes - never delete an email again. It also offers unparalleled virus protection and anti-spam filters.

Once again they run on the cloud - secure and reliable solutions 24/7

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Search Engine Marketing

You know that you need to advertise on Google, but figuring out Google AdWords and what will offer you the best return on investment is simply something you don’t have time for.

We simplify online advertising by offering Google Adwords packages for estate agents and on top of that, it also integrates seamlessly with our Flex real estate solution, providing you with ROI stats.

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Automated Property Syndication

Sync simplifies and automates the task of publishing your property listings on all the major portals. You can use the OMS, or integrate into your own management system through our API. As a standalone service, it facilitates the upload of listings and acts as a central cloud data store from where listings can be distributed simultaneously to multiple channels.

The system performs automated health checks, dynamically scales resources with peak hours and has auto failover protection to cater for any portal problems.

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Support Services

Our aim is to ensure industry leading uptime on all our products, comprehensive help files and efficient products. However, everyone needs a little help from time to time, and this is where our support team comes in.

Friendly, informed and dare we say superheroes? They are always just a call or email away.

Remember to connect with us on Facebook and Twitter, or contact us directly if we can help you switch over your real estate business to the awesome side!

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