Base update: new active listings reports

Improved listing page layout
You now have quicker access to different views of the listings landing page with quick links on the left, including a new report section that hosts the listing reports:

New active listing reports
We've integrated a brand new report engine and will introduce various new listing and management reports in Base.  Available today is 3 active listings reports (all, expiring soon and just listed) that include thumbnails of your listings. Simply click on a report to view and optionally download to PDF. It supports multiple listing agents while mandate statuses are colour coded.

We will make some report sections interactive. On the active listings report you can for instance click on the listing ref # to open the listing in Base, or click on the address to open the Google Maps location. Handy if you perhaps have downloaded the PDF report to your tablet or phone. Base is mobile friendly so all your property and contact details are always a click away.

Some stats are also introduced at the bottom of reports, which will be further tweaked over time based on your feedback.  E.g. see your total active for sale and rental volumes and how many of your listings are geocoded for portals.


The reports will be enhanced soon with advanced filters while users will be able to group and sort according to their needs. Watch out for this update launching soon.

We value your feedback and would love to hear what reports you require in Base. Simply send us an email to with your suggestion.

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