How Entegral's real estate websites are unaffected by the undersea cable outage

Slow speeds are continuing this week for South African users due to undersea cable breaks:

If your real estate website is hosted on our latest generation Flex websites, you are however covered with our industry 1st Cloudfront feature which replicates your real etstate website locally and over 100 locations worldwide, more here.  The result is a quicker and more stable website.

Technical details

With the Flex solution, visitors to your website will be routed to the nearest hosting location to browse your website for super quick response times. For South African users, this will be Johannesburg or Cape Town. If your website is only hosted in one location, e.g. US or EU, it will be served slower to users and the slow experience will be elevated through the current heavily congested and problematic international undersea link. If  your website is only hosted in South Africa, local users will have quick access but international users will now experience slow response times (as traffic needs to go through the same undersea cable links).

As you can see, it then makes sense to host your website on various locations worldwide, and this is what we offer with Flex at no additional cost to you.

Up to x10 times faster and more stable than your competitor's website
Quicker website = happier customers = more equiries.
To illustrate the quicker response times of our Flex real estate websites, we ran a little 'ping' test.

Here is the results of our client You Realty's site, which gave an average 48ms response time with 0% packet loss:

Compare that to a competitor where the response time is an average 386ms and 20% packet loss:

From a technical point of view, Entegral also offers responsive HTTPS enabled websites which provides further advantages. Now the way your website is developed and code/images are optimised will also contribute to the response times and user experience, but if the underlying internet connectivity is shaky, you are off to a bad start.

If you are interested to move your real estate website to Flex and power it with Base or even your own service providers data, get into contact with our team. We offer a complete real estate solution and can even import and resync your listings to all the property portals

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