Base introduces individual portal access configuration for agents

Office administrators in Base can now navigate to individual user settings, and select which portals an individual user has access to for listing syndication.

  • If a portal is deactivated for a user, they won't be able to list and new mandates on that portal.
  • If the user previously had access to the portal and selected listings to feed through, those listings will stay activated on the portal until the user marks the listing as inactive.
  • All portals are activated by default for your agents and new agent profiles you create.

This is a great feature for estate agencies who provide their agents with individual access to Base but needs finer control on where specific agents can list, even if only as a temporary measure.

Base is mobile friendly and ideal for a remote work setup where you want to give individual access to office data for your agents, anywhere in the world. Base was built from the ground up to work in any country and easily links to external portals or your own real estate website.

A special word of thanks to the O-Yes Properties team who helped co-fund and test this feature.

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