Invitation Homes launches a dynamic new responsive website

Invitation Homes, a joint venture between the Rabie Property Group and Kloof Capital South Africa, recently launched a brand new responsive website powered by our industry-leading Flex framework.

Our team of highly skilled developers worked closely with the design team of Invitation Homes to create a custom-built Flex website for them.  The site is not only branded according to their corporate identity but is also armed with leading, custom-developed technology which will enable them to provide an online presence for their business. The website embraces responsive technology, secure browsing, and optimal UX design to deliver a unique browsing experience that is based on the latest design and industry trends. A lot of attention has been paid to make the property search experience as fast as possible.

The website’s custom-built search functionality allows a user to search according to the various developments in particular Cape Town areas owned by the groups, ensuring that visitors find the exact rental property that they are looking for.  Dedicated pages to each of the developments owned by the respective companies were added to the site with complete overviews of what the properties offer.  Exact map locations and popular amenities are also listed on each development overview page along with available rentals that are listed by the managing agents on our Base listing software.

The website also boasts a tenant portal where you can find a paperless application option or report any faults or issues to the properties, buy electricity, as well as the body corporate rules and more.

This website is more than just a showcase of listings, it is a powerful marketing tool and a one-stop website for potential and current tenants.

Why take our word for it? Visit website and see our product at work. Browse from your desk, while relaxing on the sofa or while browsing your tablet before bed - no matter the device, it will adapt seamlessly to your screen size without losing functionality.

Our custom solutions are perfect for franchise groups, independent real estate groups, virtual estate agencies or single operating offices.  If you are interested in a similar custom solution visit for more information on how to make the switch into the future with our vast array of products that will change the way you do business.

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