Build custom reports in Base

Customised listing reports for your agency

While you can already get our team to build customised property listing brochures for you in Base, we've extended the functionality to build customised reports based on your specifications. This gives freedom to have printable reports in a specific layout, showing different fields including calculations and make it available to all your agents.

Listing reports are available under listings / reports, and once we've integrated your custom report, it will be available here for your users.

The custom reports makes use of the same filter features you currently have available and the report itself can display most of the key fields you have on the property details. Listing data can be grouped, summarised and formatted in various ways in the report and also shown in reports as we've done with the Mandate Summary report. We can also apply conditional logic to fields, e.g. if a Price is over a certain amount, or listings are a certain number of days on the market, highlight the particular record.

To provide you with a quote on a custom report, simply email our team with your requirements. Our suggestion is to design the brochure or report in Excel/Word showing the layout of the fields and any summary data or calculations you require.

Custom reports and brochures start at ZAR R2,000 ex VAT and will vary based on the complexity of the design. There are no additional monthly fees.

Build your own reports

For those real estate companies needing even greater control of Base Reports, we now also offer a new standalone report designer.  This allows you to build and upload your own reports to Base. Development skills are required but we've simplified the process and provide you with a boilerplate report to get started. Reports can be built and tested outside Base using your current data. More details will be revealed in a future blog post.

Empowering real estate companies with flexible platforms

At Entegral we believe in empowering the next generation of real estate companies with highly flexible and customised tools and interface.

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