Configurable property search comes to Flex

The Flex real estate platform is one of the most configurable website solutions on the market. Not only can estate agencies choose from multiple templates and customize the look and feel of the home page, but they can go the complete custom route, and customize any aspect of the website such as the search results or property details. All of this is done on a highly efficient and stable platform that is continuously optimized and follows best web practices, including responsive web design.

Flex can be powered on your own management system via our Sync interface, or you can use our industry leading Base CRM platform. For those looking to supercharge their SEO, our AirTable integration provides the ability to generate optimized content integrations throughout your website.

Build a configurable property search

Every business is unique and in some cases you would want to provide visitors with a unique and more personalised property search experience. If you are dealing with residential, commercial or agricultural properties, you know that buyers would want to use different search parameters. The same goes for short and long term rentals.

With Flex you can now configure your property search as follows:
  • Add or remove any fields in the search
  • Customise the property types and statuses available
  • Add complete custom search fields that you configure in Base

Want visitors to search based on whether they want flatlet or staff rooms, or make different price segments available? No problem:

Dealing in agricultural property and want visitors to search on farm types? Configure them in Base and enable it on your website as a dropdown option:

Dealing with commercial property? Limit your property types to commercial and provide an option to also search by building size:

You can also customise your website menu, and provide quick links to any of your search results or areas.

Send us a request with your search requirement for a quote. Small search changes can normally be done within an hour or two.

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