Listing syndication garden update to portals

A garden field is now available that will update to selected portals that support it, including MyProperty, Property24 and Private property. The garden feature is a searchable feature on Property24 so you can enhance your listing exposure by making sure you select it on listings where applicable. Here is how to update it if you are using the new Base or older OMS systems:


  • Open the listing and go to features
  • Select external features and add garden
  • Save the listing, it will then start updating to portals


  • Go to office settings / parameters
  • Select office: property features list
  • Add 'Garden' as option (the list is comma separated) and press save
  • Click here for detailed instructions and screenshots

Sync API

If you are using your own management system integrated with our Sync Listing Syndication system API, you can simply add 'garden' as a comma separated value in the listing, propertyFeatures field:

If you are not yet switched over from the OMS to our new Base real estate management system, please contact our team to discuss migration and pricing. Also consider an upgrade to our latest Flex responsive real estate platform that was launched in 2018 and provides new features, more customisation and 100% uptime.

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