Improved Base automatic lead synchronisation launched

We've launched an improved automatic lead synchronisation for Base users. Once configured, this feature allows you to automatically import new property leads from all the popular property portals into your Base inbox. From here you can easily convert those leads into contacts and keep a detailed history of all your leads per portal and property. This feature works by securely scanning your email account for new leads and auto-extracting all info, linking the lead to the property and even allows you to send those lead to external systems via our Zapier interface. Office administrators/owners can then also get a consolidated view of incoming leads under the contacts / leads section.

More reliable and accurate lead extraction

We've reworked the functionality to provide more reliable and accurate lead extraction, taking care to extract the correct contact info and message from your leads. New leads are imported within 2 minutes of arrival into Base. If all goes well we will reduce this import frequency in future. Should you get any malformed leads imported or any other issues, let us know and we will tweak the system further.

Supplemented lead view

We will now also look up and extract the address details so you can easily see which property was enquired on, without having to open the link. We include both your internal Base reference number at the top and the external portal ref (if available) at the bottom. The name of the person will also be included in your Base lead summary view. Note that the address extraction will only work for listings loaded directly through through Base and promoted to those portals.

Once you've verified/contacted the lead you can click on the 'convert to contact' link as before, which will automatically create a contact record in your Base contacts database. This process ensures only valid buyers/sellers are converted to contacts, leaving you with a more accurate and up to date database.

Configuring your Base inbox

Simply follow this help article to configure your email account with Base. Note your email account needs to be set up as an IMAP account. It will also work for Google Apps/Gmail accounts with some extra configuration.

What happened to the Google Apps integration?

To cut a long story short, we replaced it with the IMAP integration you see, but here is the more technical version:

We've launched the initial Base automatic lead sync function with a native Google Apps integration that would simply allow you to authorise Base without any additional setup involved. This was left in 'beta' as we had to get authorised by Google to take this into full production. Taking this into full production would unfortunately have lead to a security assessment cost from Google costing anywhere up to $75,000. Since most Base users use Entegral's PremiumMail email solution, we couldn't justify this cost for a smaller group of users. That said, should there be a lot more Google Apps users in future using Base, we will be happy to review this again.

For now, you will get the same automatic lead import functionality, but will need to take a few extra steps in configuring your Google account to allow for imports.

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