Entegral Base Zapier real estate automation interface goes public

We are pleased to announce that the Entegral Base Zapier integration is now in public beta ( previously in private beta). Check it out here and read this article on how Zapier and Base can help you automate your real estate business.

Entegral is one of only a few real estate platforms worldwide to offer a Zapier integration for estate agents. It allows you to connect your real estate data to thousands of popular apps - and it doesn't force you into using specific apps or CRM's. The choice is yours! Best of all, there is no additional cost to integrate Base with your popular apps, and you can even start with a free Zapier account.

Our team will now start creating popular integration templates. Templates will be preconfigured, which makes it even easier to set up popular integrations. You can check out the one below, where we automatically add your contacts to Microsoft Outlook:
Base and Zapier opens up many creative ways to automate your real estate data between apps, and you can even build complex multi-step workflows that connect multiple apps. 

Stay tuned as we create more help files and articles on the Base Zapier integration. If you are a Zapier automation expert and would love to help real estate agents in automating Base, please connect with our team.

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