Supercharge your real estate reviews and make them work for you

So you've just received another great review from an ecstatic client where you've sold their home in record time and at the full asking price. How do you create social proof and use this to create more 'free' referrals?

Sold brag card

Using Base CRM, you can create your Sold listing brag card with one click and post it to your social media channels with your client reviews and a personal description. The export is in PNG image format and it's a time saver. We can even create custom template layouts for your team:

This is great to draw immediate attention for a few hours - unless you boost/promote your post, which will extend your post's reach and impact.

Showcase your reviews on your real estate website

This is a no-brainer and we've made it real simple if you have a Flex real estate website with Entegral.  You can create multiple testimonials per agent and showcase this on individual agent profile pages, listings, and even on your home page. 

The basic version we provide looks like this and the module is usually integrated in a few hours on your website. You can even create additional info to display, e.g. outgoing links to the actual review on Google, Facebook, Hellopeter, Yelp, etc.

Since Flex websites is responsive, your reviews are available on any device including mobile phones, where more than 2/3 of your visitors will come from:

This creates great evergreen content (great for SEO) that is always available on your website, and will assist to create more trust with potential clients that land on your website

With administrative rights, you have full control over what is displayed and can update agent reviews from anywhere:

You can use your client reviews and sold listings in lots of creative ways on Flex, including creating a sold map of property listings:

and creating dedicated sold listing pages:

Hop onto and chat with our team or send us an email to for a quote and to order your agent review module.

Flex is the industry benchmark for creating highly personalised real estate websites and can be powered by Base CRM or external listing systems. 

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